Table 2. Unadjusted Total Physician Satisfaction Scale Scores by Randomization Group, Sex, and Job Title (N = 112)
Participants (n)Total PSS Score,* Mean (SD)P Value
Randomization group
    Intervention6636.6 (7.6)<.001
    Control4642.8 (8.6)
    Male3738.7 (8.8).03
    Female7540.4 (8.3)
Job title
    Attendings5037.5 (9.1).12
    Other (NP, PA)1538.8 (7.3)
    Residents4441.4 (8.2)
    Fellows334.7 (2.5)
  • * A lower Physician Satisfaction Scale (PSS) score indicates more positive/favorable outcomes.

  • One-way analysis of variance.

  • Subjects provided multiple PSS observations.

  • NP, nurse practitioner; PA, physician assistant; SD, standard deviation.