Table 5. Multiple linear regression models of correlates for Implementation of Recommended Community Engagement Strategies
PBRN CharacteristicsModel 1*Model 2
Retention difficulty
    Don't know/not applicable−4.333.01−2.661.86
    Minimal (reference)
Recruitment difficulty
    Minimal (reference)
Racial/ethnic communities targeted
    Single community2.772.563.151.46
    None (reference)
Number of special populations targeted for research participation−0.270.83−0.420.49
PBRN has a community advisory board2.302.161.141.22
PBRN affiliated with a Clinical Translational Science Award6.491.912.781.22
Planning scale§Not included0.470.11
Capacity scaleNot included0.160.09
  • * R2 = 0.49.

  • Change in R2 from model 1 = 0.36 (P < .001).

  • P < .05.

  • § How often does your network plan each activity?

  • Rate your network's capacity to perform each activity.

  • PBRN, practice-based research network.