Table 4. Results for Mental Health Organization Index
Organizational ItemsPractices Reporting Each Organizational Item (%)
Yes, Works WellYes, Needs ImprovementNo
Use of formal screening tool for:
    Depression and/or other mental health problems463420
    Alcohol problems393229
    Substance use problems333236
    ADHD in children or adults342442
Standardized process to make referrals to MH/substance use providers503316
Standardized process to track referrals to MH/substance use providers334125
Regularly provide patient history and other information to MH/substance use providers592516
Regularly receive consultation reports from MH/substance use providers344323
Help patients schedule outside appointments with MH/substance use providers413722
Yes (2 points)No (0 points)
Has at least one mental health clinician at the practice4258
Scheduling of appointments with mental health clinicians at the practice in same manner as medical appointments3664
Availability of same-day appointments with a mental health clinician2872
Mental Health Organizational Index, mean (SD)12.3 (5.6)
  • ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; MH, mental health; SD, standard deviation.