Table 6. Sample Computation of One Physician
NumberPhysician ReimbursementPhysician TotalHospital ReimbursementHospital Total
    Assist cesarean delivery
    Dilatation and curettage20$170$3,400$274$5,480
    Cervical Cone
    Endometrial Biopsy10$76$76
    Postpartum BTL30$432$12,960$0$0
    Laparoscopic BTL
    I&D BGA10$94$940$61$610
Physician multiplier of 1.15 × $356,903 =$410,438
Hospital multiplier of 1.28 × $656,390 =$840,172
Total for physician and hospital =$1,250,617
  • BTL, bilateral tubal ligation; I&D BGA, incision and drainage Bartholin gland abscess; LEEP, loop electrosurgical excision procedure.