Table 1. Developing a “Pedagogy of Dying”: Key Points for Reflection
ThemeTaskQuestions to Consider
AwarenessAcknowledge personal and cultural perspectives.What underlying assumptions about life and death do we bring to our encounters with patients?
RecognitionUnderstand patient and family perspectives.What underlying assumptions about death do our patients and their families bring? How do they want to lead their lives before that event?
EngagementDevelop a repertoire of communicative approaches.How is it that we best engage patients in jointly considering the topic?
SynchronicityPractice “sharing” the topic with patients at appropriate moments.When is it time to talk about death? When is it time to listen?
EquilibriumSeek balance by recognizing reality and uncovering hope.How can we, along with our patients, move toward conceptualizing death as a normal process in a full life?