Table 4. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)* Testing and Infection Rates on the Day of Insertion and During the 6-Month Postinsertion Period Among Adolescents and Adults Who Had an Intrauterine Device Inserted at the Institute for Family Health Federally Qualified Health Centers Network in 2011
Adolescent (n = 182)Adult (n = 502)P Value
STI testing time<.01
    No testing before insertion29(15.9)188(37.5)
    Within 2 weeks before insertion56(30.7)72(14.3)
    Day of insertion97(53.3)242(48.2)
Positive STI test on day of insertion.91
STI testing during postinsertion period57(52.8)102(47.2).75
Positive STI test during postinsertion period.70
  • * STI testing includes testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

  • The postinsertion period included only 108 adolescents and 216 adults.

  • Among those who were tested during post-insertion period.