Table 1. Modified Asthma Predictive Index (API) versus Original API*
1. A history of ≥4 wheezing episodes with ≥1 physician's diagnosis.
2. In addition, the child must meet ≥1 of the following major criteria or ≥2 of the following minor criteria:
Major Criteria
Modified APIOriginal API
Parental history of asthmaParental history of asthma
Doctor-diagnosed atopic dermatitisDoctor-diagnosed atopic dermatitis
Allergic sensitization to ≥1 aeroallergen
Minor Criteria
Modified APIOriginal API
Allergic sensitization to milk, egg, or peanutDoctor-diagnosed allergic rhinitis
Wheezing unrelated to coldsBlood eosinophils ≥4%
Blood eosinophils ≥4%
  • * Differences between indices are shown in boldface.

  • Reprinted with permission from Bacharier and Gilbert.20