Table 2. Work Relative Value Units (wRVUs) and Mean Primary Care Provider (PCP) Survey-Generated Workload by Type of Encounter
EncounterSample Size (n)wRVU (If Applicable)PCP Survey-Generated Workload, Mean (SD)
    Hospital care
        Admission1421.92–3.863.20 (0.94)
        Discharge1371.28–1.902.80 (1.04)
        Rounds1320.76–2.002.14 (0.90)
    Obstetric care
        Inpatient (labor management)7514.37*2.86 (1.25)
        Outpatient850.971.03 (0.55)
    Preventive health visit
        New patient, age 40–641852.332.51 (0.82)
        Established patient, age 40–641851.901.82 (0.71)
    Emergency department consult1320.45–3.802.38 (1.12)
    Off-site facility, established patient (skilled nursing facility)1360.76–2.352.21 (0.88)
    Office visit (level 3)
        New patient1841.422.08 (0.69)
        Established patient(Reference)0.971.00
    Telephone call (incoming and outgoing)185N/A0.63 (0.49)
    MyChart messaging/E-visit (incoming and outgoing)184N/A0.59 (0.53)
    Letter generation185N/A0.45 (0.54)
    Orders only184N/A0.41 (0.38)
    Medication refill185N/A0.35 (0.45)
    Allied health/nurse only visit169N/A0.32 (0.40)
  • * Includes the delivery wRVU component of the normal spontaneous vaginal delivery global package wRVU.

  • SD, standard deviation.