Table 1. Comparison of Patient Characteristics and Disease Courses Among Cases Describing an Association Between Creatine Supplementation and Renal Failure
Patient CharacteristicsCase 1*Case 2Case 3
Age (years)202426
Creatine dosage20 g daily for 4 weeks5 g 3 times per week for 6 monthsUnknown daily dose for 3 months
Presenting symptomsNausea, vomiting, flank pain, abdominal tendernessLeft flank tenderness, abdominal pain, polydipsia, polyuriaNausea, flank pain, abdominal pain and tenderness
Peak blood pressure (mmHg)160/100152/100182/94
Peak creatinine (mg/dL)2.35.410.64
Lowest eGFR36.413.15.9
Renal biopsy resultsAIN and ATN with normal glomeruliAIN with normal glomeruliATN with normal glomeruli
  • * Described by Koshy et al.20

  • Described by Thorsteinsdottir et al.21

  • Patient described in this review.

  • AIN, acute interstitial nephritis; ATN, acute tubular necrosis; eGFR, estimate glomerular filtration rate.