Table 3. The Relation of Primary Care Practice Type and Screening Positive, Unadjusted vs. Adjusted Analyses
Health Behavior MeasureFQHC (vs PBRN)VA (vs PBRN)
Unadjusted ORP ValueAdjusted ORP ValueUnadjusted ORP ValueAdjusted ORP Value
Fast food0.22< .0010.16< .050.441.06
Fruits/vegetables0.778.8< .050.931.26
Stress1.45< .051.251.662.1
Smoking0.36P < .010.521.70.87
Smokeless tobacco0.31< .0547.81.641.75
Alcohol1.15.01< .051.81< .052.47
Drug use1.590.688.44P < .017.34< .05
Self-rated health1.69< .051.660.770.77
Total positive screens*−
  • P values are compared to practice-based research network (PBRN) practices. The adjusted analyses control for patient sex, age, education, race/ethnicity, nativity, employment status, and marital status. Bold values indicate statistically significant results at P < .05.

  • * Coefficient is interpreted as the odds of primary care practice type [federally qualified health center (FQHC) or Veterans Affairs (VA)] patients screening positive for the measure compared to PBRN patients.

  • OR, odds ratio.