Table 3. Initial Testing for Patients With New Diagnosis of Hepatitis C by Primary Care Providers
Evaluation of disease severity
    Quantitative HCV RNA level
    HCV genotype
    Serum aminotransferase levels
    Coagulation studies
    Complete blood count
    Liver biopsy (optional)
    Liver ultrasound (optional)
    Hepatitis B surface antigen
    Ferritin level
Evaluation for contraindications to treatment
    Depression screening instrument, such as PHQ-912
    Alcohol abuse screening test, such as AUDIT-C13
    Urine drug screen
    Urine hCG in women of childbearing age
    HIV antibody
    Thyroid function tests
    Antinuclear antibody to evaluate for autoimmune hepatitis
Health maintenance
    Hepatitis A antibody
    Hepatitis B surface antibody
  • AUDIT-C, AUDIT Alcohol Consumption Questionnaire; hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin; HCV, hepatitis C virus; PHQ-9, 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire; RNA, ribonucleic acid.