Table 1. Team Culture Scale
ItemMeanMedianStandard DeviationRangeFactor Loading
The group of staff and providers I work with most regularly work well together as a team.–100.80
My most important task in clinic is to manage patient flow.*6.527.002.711–100.20
We have a “we are in it together” attitude at my clinic.6.427.002.601–100.87
I feel unprepared for many of the tasks that I am asked to do every day.7.769.002.471–100.35
My professional skills are used to the fullest at my clinic.6.397.002.961–100.64
It is hard to get things to change in my clinic.4.775.002.561–100.60
I can rely on other people at my clinic to do their jobs well.6.667.002.251–100.72
We regularly take time to consider ways to improve how we do things at my clinic.6.877.002.471–100.69
  • * This item was removed from the final scale.

  • These items were reverse-coded to develop a composite score. The results presented here are reverse-coded.

  • The factor loading score for this item is low, but removal of this item did not improve the Cronbach α, and it was retained in the final scale.