Table 4. The Use of the Behavioral Health Assessment during the Clinical Encounter, by Primary Care Practice Type
Overall (n = 408)FQHC (n = 241)PBRN (n = 115)VA (n = 52)P Value*
Patient felt comfortable answering the questions85.691.776.377.5< .001
Provider showed patients the results of the behavioral health assessment58.553.767.7< .05
Patients received a copy of results to take home36.028.450.041.0< .01
Provider asked patient about their concerns about the results54.146.767.064.3< .01
Provider asked which health concerns patient would like to work on60.248.781.371.4< .001
Provider helped identify specific steps patient can take to address concerns72.164.685.681.5< .01
Patient plans to follow up with provider about health concerns from the behavioral health assessment83.277.591.193.2< .01
  • Data are percentages.

  • * P values indicate the overall differences across primary care practice types.

  • FQHC, federally qualified health center; PBRN, practice-based research network; VA, Veterans Health Administration.