Table 4. Multivariate Model-Predicted Differences in Shared Decision Making Among Selected Patient Subgroups Relative to a Reference Group
CharacteristicsOnly Main EffectsMain Effects Plus Interaction
DifferenceP Value*DifferenceP Value*
Age (years)
    Non-Hispanic whiteRefRef
    Hispanic, any race−5.0.31N/A
    Non-Hispanic, nonwhite4.2.21N/A
Treated for this depression
    0–5 weeksRefRef
    ≥6 weeks−11.0<.001−11.2<.001
Any other depression treatment in past 6 months
General health
    Excellent/very good/goodRefRef
Household income
    Below 2× poverty threshold−4.2.04−3.9.06
    Above 2× thresholdRefRef
General health by sex
        Excellent/very good/goodRef
        Excellent/very good/good0.8.74
  • * P value compares predicted difference to reference category.