Table 3. Bivariate Relationships Between Patient, Clinic, and Group Characteristics and Shared Decision Making
CharacteristicsNo.Mean*SDP Value
    Age (years)
        Non-Hispanic white101650.433.2
        Hispanic, any race4345.730.9.36
        Non-Hispanic, nonwhite10355.829.4.11
    Treated for this depression
        0–5 weeks54056.629.7<.001
        ≥6 weeks60445.534.5
    Any other depression treatment in past 6 months
    General health
        Excellent/very good/good81553.932.1
    PHQ-9 score
        High school or less35447.231.6.02
        Some college, trade school46651.532.7.46
        College degree or more34253.234.0
    Marital status
        Not coupled49549.433.2.26
        Not employed40146.533.2.001
    Household income
        Below 2× poverty threshold38949.132.5
        Above 2× poverty threshold74452.033.1.15
    Insurance type
        State programs27052.131.8.95
    Adult PCPs in clinic (n)
    NPs/PAs in clinic (n)
    Clinic location
Medical groups
    Care sites in group (n)
        1 to 427354.132.2
        5 to 109844.430.5
    Psychiatrists in group (n)
    Mental health therapists in group (n)
  • * Mean percentage of 6 items answered yes.

  • NP, nurse practitioner; PA, physician assistant; PCP, primary care physician; PHQ-9, 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire; SD, standard deviation.