Table 2. Personal, Clinic, and Group Characteristics of 1168 Enrolled Patients
    Age (years)
        Non-Hispanic white102287.5
        Hispanic, any race433.7
        Non-Hispanic, nonwhite1038.8
    Treated for this depression
        0–5 weeks54346.5
        ≥6 weeks60752.0
    Other depression treatment in past 6 months
        Individual counseling29925.6
        Group therapy453.8
        Other treatment413.5
        Any treatment37632.2
    General health
        Excellent/very good38332.8
    PHQ-9 score
        High school or less35530.4
        Some college, trade school46840.1
        College degree or more34529.5
    Marital status
        Unmarried couple1018.6
        Never married22919.6
        Employed for wages69659.6
        Unable to work1129.6
    Household income
        Below poverty threshold20517.5
        Between threshold and 2× threshold16614.2
        More than 2× threshold74964.1
        Declined to answer484.1
    Insurance type
        State programs*27023.1
    Adult PCPs in clinic (n)
    NPs/PAs in clinic (n)
    Clinic location
Medical groups
    Care sites in group (n)
    Psychiatrists in group (n)
    Mental health therapists in group (n)
  • * Medical Assistance, Prepaid Medical Assistance, Minnesota Care, Minnesota Senior Health Options.

  • NP, nurse practitioner; PA, physician assistant; PCP, primary care physician; PHQ-9, 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire.