Table 2. Percentages of Participants Who Report They Frequently Recommend Behaviors to Patients to Prevent Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs) by Level of Observed T-Zone Touching and Hand Hygiene Behaviors
More Touching/Poor Hygiene (n = 53)Less Touching/Better Hygiene (n = 39)P Value
Recommended by the CDC to prevent URTIs
    Don't smoke, or stop smoking if you smoke65.988.0.05
    Cover the mouth/nose with a tissue or handkerchief when coughing/sneezing55.854.2.90
    Cover the mouth/nose with the elbow when coughing/sneezing81.475.0.54
    Wash hands frequently throughout the day68.879.2.35
    Try to not touch own eyes, nose, or mouth with hands54.558.3.76
    Get plenty of sleep each night60.070.8.37
    Avoid being around people when they have a cold or flu68.962.5.59
No recommendation by the CDC to prevent URTI
    Take vitamin C regularly31.016.7.20
    Drink large amounts of water daily57.166.7.45
    Cover the mouth/nose with the hand when coughing/sneezing42.950.0.58
    Stay at home (do not go to school or work) while ill with a cold or flu61.458.3.81
    Avoid stressful situations39.047.8.49
  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.