Table 1. Characteristics of Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Respondents by Year 1 Hospitalization, 2000 to 2009*
CharacteristicsHospitalizations in Year 1Overall (n = 50,978; 100%)
None (n = 46,356; 91.4%)≥1 Elective (n = 2,584; 4.9%)≥1 Emergent (n = 2,515; 4.5%)
Year 2 patient satisfaction quartile
    First (least satisfied)21.921.224.421.9
    Fourth (most satisfied)27.829.127.227.8
Mean age (years)
Female sex56.560.756.856.7
    <High school5.37.510.85.6
    Some high school9.912.215.710.2
    High school graduate30.431.935.730.7
    Some college30.526.517.029.8
    College graduate30.526.517.029.8
Household income (% FPL)
Urban MSA (vs. nonurban)
Insurance coverage
    Private insurance76.969.255.475.8
Has usual source of care85.191.191.585.6
Chronic diseases (mean)
PCS-12 (mean score)
MCS-12 (mean score)50.646.747.850.4
Self-rated health
    Very good35.523.418.734.4
Healthcare utilization
    Office visits, mean4.49.810.44.9
    Drug prescriptions, mean15.237.833.416.7
  • Data are percentages unless otherwise indicated.

  • * Means and proportions are population-weighted.

  • Chronic diseases include diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disease, asthma, emphysema, and arthritis.

  • Scale has a population mean of 50; higher scores indicate higher function.

  • FPL, federal poverty level; MCS-12, 12-item Short Form Mental Component Summary; MSA, metropolitan statistical area; PCS-12, 12-item Short Form Physical Component Summary.