Table 2. Physician Responses to Survey Items Related to Screening and Diagnostic Evaluation for Dementia
Screening/Diagnostic Evaluation Item“Yes” Responses, n (%)
“Do you ever screen for dementia in asymptomatic adults?” (n = 851 were asked)476 (56)
Criteria used as decision rules for screening (n = 476 responded)
    Age363 (76)
    Family history344 (72)
    Other cerebrovascular risk factors341 (72)
    Sex56 (12)
    Use specific tools to screen (n = 476)379 (80)
        Mini-mental status exam (379)359 (95)
        Clock drawing test (379)216 (57)
        Short portable mental status exam (379)26 (7)
“Do you conduct diagnostic evaluations based on early signs or symptoms, patient concerns, or caregiver concerns?” (n = 851 were asked)762 (90)
Screening and diagnostic evaluation status (n = 851 responded)
    Doctor does both444 (52)
    Doctor conducts diagnostic evaluations only318 (37)
    Doctor screens only32 (4)
    Doctor does neither57 (7)
“If you obtain a positive screen or suspect dementia in a patient, do you follow-up with a more sensitive test in your office for presence of dementia?” (n = 794 were asked)579 (73)
“Do you routinely collect patient history as part of the diagnostic process?” (n = 794 were asked)758 (95)
“When you assess patient, do you routinely order lab work?” (n = 794 were asked)739 (93)
“When you diagnose a patient, do you routinely order brain imaging?” (n = 794 were asked)527 (66)