Table 1. Sample of Registry Item of the Practice Assessment Scales/Key Driver Implementation Scale* in Improving Performance in Practice
Item No.Item TitleDescription
0No activityThere has been no activity on registry adoption or use.
1SelectedThe practice has chosen a registry but has not yet begun using it.
2InstalledThe practice has a registry installed on a computer and has set up a template, and entered demographic data on patients of interest (e.g., diabetes) or has outlined a process to systematically enter the data.
3Testing workflowThe practice is testing the process for entering clinical data into the registry but is not yet using the registry to help with the daily care of patients.
4Patient managementAll clinical data is entered into the registry and the practice is using the registry daily to plan patient care and is able to produce consistent reports on population performance.
5Full integrationRegistry is kept up to date with a consistent and reliable process. The practice checks on and monitors the registry processes and uses the registry to manage the entire patient population.