Table 1. The Four PBRN Studies Included in this Study
Study NamePractices (n)Study DesignStudy Duration (months)Central SitesStatusFundingPractice ChangeDiscontinued Practices (n)
Introduction of Spirometry into Primary Care18Before/after observational18OMC and AAFP NRN Care NetCompleted in 200620NHLBIUsing spirometry to evaluate patients with asthma and COPD1 (unable to enroll patients)
TRIPPD (Translating Research into Primary Care Practice for Postpartum Depression)28Randomized controlled trial60OMC and AAFP NRNCompleted in 201021,22AHRQIntroducing screening, diagnosis, and management support for postpartum depression4 (2 practices dissolved, 1 practice had long-term illness of local primary investigator, 1 practice could not meet enrollment goals)
The Asthma Tools Study28Randomized controlled trial60OMC and AAFP NRNIn progressAHRQUsing new asthma tools in managing children and adults with asthma1 (Practice destroyed by tornado, unable to continue while trying to rebuild)
BELT (Black Asthmatic's Exacerbations with LABA vs Tiotropium)30Randomized controlled trial36OMC, AAFP NRN, and Harvard Medical SchoolIn progress23AHRQAssessing the impact on exacerbation rates of 2 classes of long-acting bronchodilators in black adults with asthma3 (1 practice unable to do work, 2 sites unable to meet enrollment goals)
  • AAFP NRN, American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network; AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; NHLBI, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; OMC, Olmsted Medical Center.