Table 4B. Adjusted Multiple Regression Analysis for Colorectal Cancer in Women
VariableComparison Groups*Adjusted Hazard Ratio
Point Estimate95% CI
Age (years)67 vs 522.812.48–3.18
DiabetesYes vs no1.261.08–1.48
Regular use of multivitaminsYes vs no0.850.76–0.95
Family history of colon cancerYes vs no1.371.17–1.61
Education (years)14 vs 121.010.97–1.06
Race/ethnicityBlack vs white1.411.18–1.67
Hawaiian vs white1.100.85–1.44
Japanese vs white1.431.20–1.70
Latino vs white0.950.77–1.17
Body mass index (kg/m2)29.3 vs–1.21
Alcoholic drinks per day (n)0.1 vs 00.990.93–1.06
Regular use of NSAIDsNot currently vs no0.950.83–1.10
Yes vs no0.790.66–0.94
Pack-years of smoking (n)8.9 vs 01.201.05–1.38
Estrogen useNot currently vs no0.960.83–1.10
Yes vs no0.780.68–0.90
  • * Continuous variables were modeled using restricted cubic splines with 3 knots. Comparison groups for the continuous variables are based on the 75th percentile versus the 25th percentile.

  • CI, confidence interval; NSAIDS, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.