Table 1. Participants of Meetings Led by Dieticians and Social Workers
1The meaning of a healthy lifestyle and the changes required in the environment and behavior patterns, including shopping, exposure, choices, cooking, and eating habitsParents
2Promoting the motivation for a changeParents
3The meaning of an active lifestyle: changing the family's physical activity patternsParents
4The parent as a role modelParents and children role playing
5Parenting style and general parenthood skillsParents
6Responsibility and boundaries in eating habitsParents
7Strategies for dealing with conflicts and objectionsParents
8Family communication and adequate childhood body imageParents and children role playing
9Self-esteem promotion skillsParents
Self- and body confidenceChildren
10Food variety and introduction to nutrients; choosing appropriate high-value foodsParents
Healthy nutrition habitsChildren
11How to spend leisure time; introduction to food labelingParents
12Behavior skills at parties and social eventsParents
Dealing with tempting environment and developing resilienceParents and children