Table 3. Computed Tomography Findings of Unknown Significance in the North Texas Healthy Heart Study (n = 307)
Pulmonary nodules151
Liver lesions (possible cysts or hemangiomas)33
Questionable lymph nodes5
Emphysematous change11
Gynecological findings*17
Gallbladder findings9
Renal cysts11
Pulmonary cysts/indeterminate lesion5
Breast lesions5
  • * Includes enlarged uterus or ovaries, uterine mass, uterine or ovarian cysts, and ovarian vein phlebolith; excludes atelectasis (n = 132).

  • Includes irregularity of gallbladder, contracted gallbladder, dilated gallbladder, probable gallstones, and possible gallbladder sludge.