Table 3. Spearman Correlation of Provider Satisfaction With Clinic Culture Archetypes
Dimension/Survey Items by Provider SatisfactionCulture Archetypes
Leadership and communication dimension (n = 10 items)
    How well your group is facing the economic and strategic challenges confronting the physicians in this country
        P value.125.865.030*.966
Quality of care you are able to provide dimension (n = 4 items)
    P value.171.460.030*.831
Time spent working dimension (n = 5 items)
    P value.433.013*.332.637
    Degree of control you have over your schedule
        P value.898.008.932.306
    Amount of time you spend with each patient
        P value0.2860.0050.3090.966
Relationships with staff dimension (n = 4 items)
    P value.306.418.966.0245*
Resources dimension (n = 4 items)
    P value.286.576.798.025*
Acceptance by colleagues dimension (n = 5 items)
    My values are consistent with those of my colleagues.
        P value.546.050*.606.966
Paperwork dimension (n = 3 items)
    I do not have too much administrative work to do.
        P value.025*.546.002.700
  • Because of the small sample size, we conducted nonasymptotic Spearman's rank correlations rather than Pearson's correlations.

  • * P ≤ .05.

  • P ≤ .01.