Table 4A. Adjusted Multiple Regression Analysis for Colorectal Cancer in Men
VariableComparison Groups*Adjusted Hazard Ratio
Point Estimate95% CI
Age (years)67 vs 523.032.69–3.41
DiabetesYes vs no1.120.96–1.30
Regular multivitamin useYes vs no0.830.74–0.92
Family history of colon cancerYes vs no1.271.08–1.51
Education (years)16 vs 120.940.85–1.03
Race/ethnicityBlack vs white1.180.99–1.42
Hawaiian vs white1.391.10–1.75
Japanese vs white1.521.31–1.77
Latino vs white1.030.86–1.23
Body mass index (kg/m2)28.7 vs–1.21
Alcoholic drinks per day (n)1.15 vs 01.261.13–1.41
Moderate activity per day (hours)1.6 vs 0.40.920.83–1.02
Regular aspirin useNot currently vs no0.970.84–1.11
Yes vs no0.810.71–0.92
Pack-years smoking (n)19.8 vs 01.060.93–1.21
  • * Continuous variables were modeled using restricted cubic splines with 3 knots. Comparison groups for the continuous variables are based on the 75th percentile versus the 25th percentile.

  • CI, confidence interval.