Table 1. Patient, Physician, and Visit Characteristics
Patient factors (n = 461)
    Female sex66%
    Obese (BMI >30 kg/m2)54%
Physician factors (n = 40)
        White/Asian/Pacific Islander85%
    Female sex60%
Visit factors
    Race concordance (dyads)
        White physician/white patient*61%
        White physician/black patient23%
        Black physician/white patient4%
        Black physician/black patient12%
    Type of visit
        Preventive care28%
        Chronic care63%
        Preventive and chronic care7%
        Not reported2%
  • * For race concordance dyads, whites and Asians/Pacific Islanders were categorized as “white” (only 2 patients and 1 physician reported their ethnicity as Asian, and 2 physicians reported their ethnicity as Asian/Pacific Islander).

  • BMI, body mass index.