Table 4. One Degree of Freedom Contrast Estimates of the Repeated Mixed Effects Multivariate Regression Model: Mean Difference in Change from Baseline by Patient Intervention Group
OutcomeChange Between Groups at 4 MonthsChange Between Groups at 10 MonthsP Value
Mean95% Confidence IntervalMean95% Confidence Interval
BMI0.095−0.220 to 0.410−0.085−0.406 to 0.237.583
Systolic blood pressure*0.478−2.224 to 3.180−3.262−6.011 to −0.513.025
Fitness−0.168−0.493 to 0.158−0.207−0.532 to 0.118.392
PrimeScreen0.013−0.050 to 0.0760.055−0.009 to 0.119.232
SF-12 mental score−0.077−0.270 to 0.1160.078−0.120 to 0.276.356
HealthState1.602−3.248 to 6.4520.304−4.627 to 5.235.802
  • The models were adjusted for repeated measures, clustering of patients within practices, age, comorbidities, education, sex, income, marital status, race, and ethnicity.

  • * Multivariate model: P < .05, time by patient group interaction.

  • Coefficients are in terms of differential change from baseline by the enhanced feedback group compared to the limited feedback group.

  • BMI, body mass index; SF-12, 12-item Short Form.