Table 1. Differences between Variable Definitions in the Freedman (aka National Cancer Institute) Calculator and the Multiethnic Cohort Study
VariableNational Cancer Institute DefinitionMultiethnic Cohort Study
EstrogenAsks about estrogen use in the past 2 years. Also asks about menopausal status and allows different estrogen effects depending on menopausal statusDoes not specifically ask about estrogen use in the past 2 years
Vegetable intake“In the past 30 days, about how many servings per week of vegetables or leafy green salads did you eat?” (cups)Vegetables quantified according to grams per day based on detailed food frequency questionnaire
Family history of colorectal cancerNumber of first-degree relatives with a history of cancer of the colon or rectumFamily history of colon cancer in first-degree relative (yes or no)
ActivityDefined according to the number of hours of activity in the past week, but also requires detailed information about how many months the participant was active in the past yearOnly asked about current activity level
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirinRegular use defined as 3 times per weekRegular use was defined as twice per week