Table 2. Respondents' Perceptions of Quality of Care and Access to Usual Source of Care (USC) by Emergency Department (ED) Visit Status
No ED Visit*At Least 1 Nonemergent ED VisitP Value
Patient-provider communication
    USC asks about other treatments82.984.3.280
    USC shows respect for treatments.217
        Not always33.435.3
    USC asks person to help decide.007
        Not always37.841.8
    USC explains options to person94.993.0.007
    USC speaks language or provides interpreter services99.599.3.483
    Transportation to USC<.001
        Is driven7.514.2
        Public transportation3.06.0
        Walks or uses other mode2.32.5
    Time to USC, minutes.003
    USC has office hours on nights and weekends38.535.1.052
    Difficulty getting to USC<.001
        Very difficult0.72.1
        Somewhat difficult3.88.5
        Not too difficult17.121.5
        Not at all difficult78.468.0
    Difficulty in contacting USC by phone<.001
        Very difficult4.46.8
        Somewhat difficult10.813.8
        Not too difficult27.228.6
        Not at all difficult57.650.8
    Difficulty in contacting USC after hours<.001
        Very difficult12.220.0
        Somewhat difficult11.513.3
        Not too difficult23.924.1
        Not at all difficult28.323.3
  • Data are percentages. Values may not add up to 100% because of rounding.

  • * Unweighted sample size, n = 26,619; US population estimate, n = 298,545,330.

  • Unweighted sample size, n = 1,353; US population estimate, n = 13,089,564.