Table 4. Intermediate Outcomes
GroupTimeHemoglobin A1CBPLDLAlbumin-to-Creatinine RatioComp LI* (Average Score)
1. DiabetesBefore22.554.733.710.21.46
    Absolute difference10.521.917.110.30.80
    P value.3417<.0001.1702.7982.0048
2. OtherBefore20.749.326.011.31.37
    Absolute difference13.624.721.916.10.79
    P value.5043<.0001.0001.0008.0504
3. NoneBefore29.157.032.813.81.56
    Absolute difference12.414.314.310.70.69
  • Data are percentages unless otherwise indicated.

  • * Comp LI is the average of the sum of all measures at the patient level (possible score of 0–4).

  • Diabetes (group 1) vs. none (group 3).

  • Other (group 2) vs. none (group 3).

  • BP, blood pressure; LDL, low-density lipoprotein.