Table 1. Family Physicians Participation in a Quality Improvement (QI) Activity in the Past Year
QI Activity in Past Year (n = 2231; 38.4%)No QI Activity in Past Year (n = 3587; 61.7%)
Mean age, years (SD)48.2 (9.2)47.8 (9.7)
Male sex60.456.0*
Medical degree90.691.0
Currently certified96.696.4
Mean MC-FP modules completed (SD)4.1 (2.5)3.6 (2.5)*
Any MC-FP Part 4 module48.336.0*
  • Data are percentages unless otherwise indicated.

  • * P <0.01.

  • MC-FP, Maintenance of Certification for Family Physicians; SD, standard deviation.