Table 1. Coding Template and Emergent Themes*
First Level Code: CCM DomainSecond Level Code: Intervention (e-BP) ComponentsEmergent Themes: Barriers and Facilitators to ImplementationThird Level Code: CFIR Domain
Self-management supportPatient BP self-monitoring and trainingCost concerns (B)Outer setting
Accuracy concerns (B)
Lack of IT competence (B)
Improves quality of care (F)Intervention characteristics
Empowers patients (F)
Interpretation concerns (B)Characteristics of individuals
Design of delivery systemWeb-based pharmacist careQuestions about pharmacy selection (B)Outer setting
Lack of trust (B)
Lack of financial incentive (B)
Lack of time (B)
Concerns about team roles and relationships (B)Intervention characteristics
Empowers patients (F)
Patient convenience (F)
Saves staff time (F)
Additional support for patients (F)
Long-term cost savings (F)
Collaborative care benefits (F)
High-quality care (F)
Concerns about collaborative practice (B)Characteristics of individuals
Design of delivery system, clinical information systems, self-management supportUse of E-mail or websites to support communication about BPLack of financial incentive (B)Outer setting
Lack of IT access (B)
Lack of IT competence (B)
IT access (F)
IT competence (F)
IT readily available (F)Inner setting
Confidentiality concerns (B)Intervention characteristics
Increases workload (B)
Convenience (F)
Increases efficiency (F)
Improves quality of care (F)
Increases workload (B)Characteristics of individuals
Patient convenience (F)
Empowers patients (F)
Neutral effect on workload (F)
Reduces patient costs (F)
Decision supportJNC-based protocolsLiability protection (F)Outer setting
Standardizes care (F)
Convenience (F)
Low self-efficacy (B)
Concern about protocol (B)
High self-efficacy (F)
Clinical information systemsIdentifies patients with uncontrolled BPIT issues (B)Inner setting
  • * Sustainability was an overarching theme.

  • B, barrier; BP, blood pressure; CCM, Chronic Care Model; CFIR, Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research; e-BP, Electronic Communications and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring; F, facilitator; IT, information technology; JNC, Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High BP.