Table 1. Characteristics of Participants and Eligible Nonparticipants in the Study's Practice Settings
CharacteristicsParticipants (n = 54)Eligible Nonparticipants (n = 186)*
Age (years)
    Not Hispanic/Latino5093NANA
Provider degree
School location
Clinical specialty
    Family physician917148
    General internist438016790
Years in practice
Prior skin cancer training
    Medical/nursing school3361NANA
    Live CME815NANA
    Web-based course47NANA
  • * Nonparticipants were clinicians in the participants' clinic practices who did not volunteer for the course.

  • Physicians only (n = 24).

  • CME, continuing medical education DO, doctor of osteopathy; MD, medical doctor; NA, not applicable; NP, nurse practitioner.