Table 4. Predictors of Becoming Up To Date with Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening* Using Prespecified Covariables
Outcome variable (Any tests completed)Odds Ratio95% CIP
Chart reminder vs usual care1.230.71–2.11.46
Mailed education/FIT vs usual care6.293.80–10.43<.0001
Mailed education/FIT + phone call vs usual care6.383.86–10.54<.0001
Sex (female vs male)1.060.75–1.49.76
Education (high school or less vs college)1.000.70–1.42.99
Insurance (yes vs no)1.260.62–2.58.53
Age (per 1-year increase)1.010.98–1.03.57
Family history of CRC (immediate or distant)1.450.95–2.20.08
Patient reported doctor had recommended CRC screening (yes vs no)1.661.16–2.37.006
Importance of CRC screening to your health1.761.23–2.52.002
Baseline average barrier score0.840.67–1.03.10
Had a physical exam visit during follow-up (yes vs. no)1.481.03–2.11.03
  • * With the SAS Glimmix procedure, which controls for the clustering of patients within practices.

  • Scores of 8–10 vs 1–7, with higher numbers indicating more importance.

  • Per an increase of 1 in average barrier score, the odds ratio was 0.84 given other variables remain constant in the model. (There were 13 questions about barriers, each of which was scored from 0–5, with higher scores indicating more barriers.)

  • CI, confidence interval; FIT, fecal immunochemical test.