Table 1. Dependent Measures of Accessibility, Communication, Comprehensiveness, and Coordination
AccessibilityHave a usual source of careYes/more than one place vs. no
Convenience of HC locationExcellent/very good/good vs. fair/poor
Ability to be seen at HCExcellent/very good/good vs. fair/poor
CommunicationProvider listens to patientExcellent/very good/good vs. fair/poor
Provider explains what patient wants to knowExcellent/very good/good vs. fair/poor
Provider gives good advice and treatmentExcellent/very good/good vs. fair/poor
ComprehensivenessStaff assisted patient with application for government benefitsYes vs. no
Staff helped patient obtain transportation to medical appointmentsYes vs. no
Staff helped patient obtain free medicationYes vs. no
CoordinationStaff helped patient arrange medical appointments at other care settingsYes vs. no
  • HC, health center.