Table 1. Characteristics of Febrile Children With Uncomplicated illness (n = 463) Presenting to a General Practitioner (GP) Out-of-Hours Service
CharacteristicsChildren With Uncomplicated Illness (n = 463)
Age in months, median (range)21 (3–70)
Male sex260 (56.2)
Immigrant235 (50.8)
Triage result
    Face-to-face contact332 (71.7)
    GP home visit0 (0.0)
Duration of fever before presentation, median days (5th–95th percentile)2.0 (1.0–6.0)
Highest reported temperature before presentation, median C (5th–95th percentile)39.5 (38.1–40.6)
Use of antipyretics before start of follow-up398 (86.0)
  • Values are n (%) unless otherwise indicated.