Table 2. Prenatal and Postnatal Care, Measurements, and Support Provided Through the Cuban Health Care System
Prenatal CarePostnatal Care
Medical VisitsFrequencyMedical VisitsFrequency
Weeks 12–331 per monthUpon Birth
Weeks 34–382 per monthWeeks 2–121 per week
Weeks ≥38WeeklyWeeks 13–521 per month
Maternal MeasurementsInfant Measurements
Initial BMIWeight for age
Blood pressure (each visit)Length for age
Weight gain and BMI (each visit after 14 weeks)Head circumference
Ultrasound (12, 20, and 32 weeks)Vaccination (according to national schedule)
Uterus height, abdominal circumference (each visit after 14 weeks)
Typhus immunization (between 24 and 28 weeks)
Blood glucose (as needed)
Hemoglobin (as needed)
Additional Maternal Support
Health educationEarly and exclusive breastfeeding support
Personal hygiene carePromotion of home-based newborn care
Psychological support/counselingFamily planning counseling
Nutrition counselingNutrition counseling
Maternal vitamin & mineral
  • BMI, body mass index.