Table 2. Simple Linear Regression of Usual Provider Continuity Index* on Predictor Variables
Predictor VariableΒ95% CIrP
Clinic Frequency0.9440.618–1.2710.595<.0001
Panel Size−0.009−0.018 to 0.0000.209.044
Patient Load§−0.370−0.483 to −0.2560.639<.0001
Attendance Ratio0.050−0.06 to 0.1620.115.370
Duration in Practice−0.265−0.724 to 0.1930.146.252
  • * Percentage of total clinic visits with assigned provider.

  • Monthly half-day clinic sessions held.

  • Count of patients assigned to provider.

  • § Ratio of panel size to clinic frequency.

  • Ratio of actual clinic frequency to expected clinic frequency.

  • Duration (years) in current practice.