Table 3. Bivariate Analysis of Determinants of a Follow-up Contact
DeterminantsOdds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Patient characteristics and experiences
    Age, years
        0–17 (reference)1.00
    Female sex1.060.95–1.17
    Experience with telephone nurse (range 1–4)0.70*0.63–0.78
    Type of contact
        Telephone consultation (reference)
        Consultation at center0.840.74–0.95
        Home visit1.741.51–1.99
PCP cooperative characteristics
    Satellite post0.81*0.71–0.93
    Computerized decision support system0.840.69–1.01
    Frequency of telephone consultations (%)1.02*1.01–1.03
    PCP at the call center1.010.94–1.09
    Certified triage nurses (%)1.001.00–1.00
    Distance to emergency department (km)1.011.00–1.02
  • * Significant at P < .05.

  • PCP, primary care physician.