Table 1. Descriptive Summary of Outcome and Predictor Variables, Stratified by Provider Type
UPC (%)
    All providers62.9211.5537.3087.40
Clinic frequency (monthly half-day clinic sessions held)
    All providers16.837.274.9231.30
Panel size (count of patients assigned to provider)
    All providers577.4315.8651377
Patient load (ratio of panel size to half-day clinic frequency)
    All providers38.2119.962.4093.67
Attendance ratio
    All providers1.010.260.562.15
Duration in practice (years)
    All providers6.356.380.4224.92
  • * Two-sample t test for difference in mean by provider type.

  • Outcome variable: percentage of total clinic visits with assigned provider.

  • Ratio of actual clinic frequency to expected clinic frequency.

  • UPC, Usual Provider Continuity Index; SD, standard deviation.