Table 1. Characteristics of the Medications Most Commonly Found in Sample Closets and Their Costs
Trade NameGeneric NameDate Initially Approved by FDASites Containing Sample (n)IndicationsMost Common Initial DoseAWP*
BystolicNebivolol20079Hypertension5 mg daily$68/30 tabs
CrestorRosuvastatin20039Hyperlipidemia10 mg daily$157/30 tabs
JanuviaSitagliptin20069Type 2 diabetes100 mg daily$244/30 tabs
MicardisTelmisartan19989Hypertension40 mg daily$124/30 tabs
ToviazFesoterodine20089Overactive bladder4 mg daily$159/30 tabs
AvodartDutasteride20018Benign prostate hyperplasia0.5 mg daily$129/30 tabs
CymbaltaDuloxetine20048Depression, anxiety60 mg daily$183/30 caps
DiovanValsartan20018Hypertension80 mg daily$97/30 tabs
LipitorAtorvastatin19968Hyperlipidemia20 mg daily$183/30 tabs
LovazaOmega-3-acid ethyl esters20048Hypertriglyceridemia4 g daily$190/120 1-g caps
PristiqDesvenlafaxine20088Depression50 mg daily$153/30 tabs
SeroquelQuetiapine19978Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder200 mg BID$749/60 tabs
ActosPioglitazone19997Type 2 diabetes30 mg daily
AmitizaLubiprostone20067Chronic idiopathic constipation24 μg BID$272/60 caps
CelebrexCelecoxib19987Joint pain100 mg BID$176/60 caps
EnablexDarifenacin20047Overactive bladder7.5 mg daily$167/30 tabs
LevitraVardenafil20037Erectile dysfunction10 mg$21/tab
MaxaltRizatriptan19987Migraine headache5 mg$32/tab
SavellaMilnacipran20097Fibromyalgia50 mg BID$146/60 tabs
SpirivaTiotropium20047COPD1 capsule (18 μg) daily$289/30 caps
SynthroidLevothyroxine20027Hypothyroidism100 μg daily$21/30 tabs
TrilipixFenofibric acid20087Hyperlipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia45 mg daily$54/30 caps
VytorinEzetimibe and simvastatin20047Hyperlipidemia10/20 mg daily$148/30 tabs
  • * Cost of a 30-day supply of the most commonly used initial dose of the medication.

  • AWP, average wholesale price; Cap, capsule; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; tab, tablet.