Table 1.

Choices Classes Intervention Topics

ClassContent and ObjectivesPhysical Activity (PA)
1Get acquainted; learn about the program (why and what); pedometersPedometers: using, logging; family activity
Orientation to importance for children's health; need for whole family to be involvedGuide
2How active am I? What's fun? How can I do more? Why is it important?
Barriers and facilitators to family PA, child's PA; enhancing PA for all; pedometer goalsPedometer challenge
What are the connections between cognition and emotion and behavior?Chalk for hopscotch and sidewalk games
Between what I think and what I feel and do? How does this work for children? Adults?
4Why is it important to drink water for thirst? How much sugar is in beverages?Jump ropes
5How can I challenge my thinking habits that do not help me? Recognize inaccurate thinking and change it? Ways to support children and familyNerf soccer
6How much food is enough? Portion sizesFrisbee
7Television: when more is not better; the TV turn-off challengeTV turn-off
8Time in the park: family games and reviewYoga cards
9Fast foods: the truth about fat in foodDance video
10Fast foods: making other choices for the long termJuggling scarves
11Making active choices: living my lifeTaiBo video
12Choosing food and beverage that fits my lifestyle: putting it all together