Table 4. Physical Examination
ExaminationPossible Condition
    Tall statureKleinfleter syndrome
    Long armsKleinfelter syndrome
    Absence of body hairAdrenal disease
    HyperpigmentationAdrenal disease
    ObesityImpaired testosterone and high estrogen
    Bitemporal hemianopsiaPituitary adenoma
    GoiterThyroid disease
    AnosmiaKallman syndrome
    GynecomastiaKleinfelter syndrome or HPG axis defect
    Buffalo humpAdrenal disease
    Respiratory rhales and cracklesCystic fibrosis or ciliac disease
    Surgical scars in the pelvisPossible nerve damage or vasal damage
    Inguinal scarsVasal obstruction
    StriaeAdrenal disease
    Truncal obesityAdrenal disease
    HepatomegalyLiver disease
    Penile lesionsPossible STD, which impacts fertility
    Inguinal adenopathyPossible infection or malignancy
    Impalpable vas deferensPossible CBAVD or cystic fibrosis
    Vas deferens nodularityPossible vasal obstruction
    VaricoceleImpairs fertility
    Scrotal scarsPossible testicular or vasal injury
    Epididymitis, prostatitisActive infection can impair fertility
  • CBAVD, congenital absence of the vas deferens; HEENT, head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat; HPG, hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal; STD, sexually transmitted disease.