Table 3. Optimal Multivariate Linear Model for Prediction of Usual Provider Continuity Index*
Variablesβ95% CIP
Clinic frequency1.520.84–2.19<.001
Patient load−0.32−0.45 to −0.20<.001
Duration in practice0.610.27–0.95.001
Provider type23.015.62–40.41.010
Type and patient load interaction−0.81−1.58 to −0.04.039
  • * Percentage of total clinic visits with assigned provider.

  • P values reflect partial F-tests for significance of individual terms within the model.

  • Reference group is mid-level providers (mid-level = 0, physician = 1).

  • § Data centered around mean clinic frequency of 16.8 monthly clinic half-days (mean clinic frequency for all providers).