Table 1.

Proportion of Allopathic and International Medical School Graduates Who Self-Report Ability to Perform Procedures

ProceduresAllopathic Graduates (n = 336)International Graduates (n = 192)Statistical Significance
Ambulatory procedures
    Perform colonoscopy37NSS
    Remove a foreign body from the eye1317NSS
    Circumcise a newborn1717NSS
    Perform urine microscopy2326NSS
    Interpret peripheral blood smear using microscopy2443Χ = 22.753
    Remove a sebaceous cyst2528NSS
    Apply a short arm cast2635NSS
    Perform a fluorescein eye examination3625Χ = 6.618
P = .01
    Perform a digital block for local anesthesia3935NSS
    Interpret spirometry report4341NSS
    Perform an excisional skin biopsy4728Χ = 18.180
P = .01
    Incision and drainage of abscess5959NSS
    Remove cerumen6560NSS
    Perform wet mount and KOH studies7059Χ = 7.155
    Obtain blood using phlebotomy7078NSS
    Obtain a blood glucoses using a glucometer8588NSS
    Perform a urine dipstick8886NSS
    Repair a simple laceration8973Χ = 22.869
    Perform a pap smear9181Χ = 11.154
    Perform a throat culture9386Χ = 6.613
P = .01
Inpatient procedures
    Place a central line1019Χ = 7.423
P = .01
    Place anterior packing for epistaxis2646Χ = 20.951
    Perform endotracheal intubation3536NSS
    Perform an arterial blood gas3852Χ = 8.681
    Place a nasogastric tube5875Χ = 15.805
    Start an IV line6773NSS
    Read an EKG7379NSS
    Catheterize a bladder8379NSS
    Perform a complete history for and physical examination of a patient10098NSS
Maternity care procedures
    Perform a caesarean section38NSS
    Perform a vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery57NSS
    Place an intrauterine pressure catheter910NSS
    Place a fetal scalp electrode108NSS
    Repair a second degree perineal laceration1020Χ = 12.583
    Perform amniotomy1213NSS
    Assess fetal station on cervical examination2539Χ = 10.450
    Assess cervical effacement3243Χ = 6.382
P = .01
    Determine fetal position by Leopold maneuver3548Χ = 8.273
    Assess cervical dilation4047NSS
    Perform a spontaneous vaginal delivery5249NSS
    Interpret electronic fetal monitoring6762NSS
  • Values provided as percentages.

  • KOH, potassium hydroxide; IV, intravenous; EKG, electrocardiograph; NSS, not statistically significant.