Table 2.

Boot Camp Topics and Outcomes

Research TopicSheduleOutcomes
Colon cancer prevention5 Face-to-face meetingsMessage and dissemination engaged more than 300 community members.
8 Phone calls 1 Year70% of community members saw materials
Increase in colonoscopy and screening
Rural messaging included a farm auction flyer about colon cancer and coffee mugs
Asthma4 Face-to-face meetingsMessage and dissemination engaged more than 700 community
5 Phone calls 8 Monthsmembers and students in 45 local schools
Increase in reported prescribing of inhaled corticosteroids
High blood pressure home monitoring3 Face-to-face meetings"Just check it" logo
6 Phone calls 4 MonthsIncrease in home blood pressure monitoring
Average systolic blood pressure decreased by 6 mm Hg
PCMH4 Face-to-face meetings"Medical Home is Relationship"
6 Phone calls 1 YearPoster for practices and organizations about PCMH
Reinvigorated PCMH work in several communities
Health risk assessments2 Face-to-face meetingsOngoing
Hypertension among urban Latinos (English)*In processOngoing
Hypertension among urban Latinos (Spanish)*In processPlanning
Behavioral healthIn processOngoing
  • * Boot Camp Translation pilot in an urban Latino community.

  • PCMH, patient-centered medical home.