Table 3. Receipt of and Adherence to Physician Recommendations for Colorectal Cancer Screening: Multivariate Results Using Backward Stepwise Regression Including Adjusted OR*
Study PopulationReceived Physician RecommendationsAdherence to Physician Recommendations
All Patients (n = 975)Recommended Patients (n=799)
VariableMultivariate OR (95% CI)Multivariate OR (95% CI)
Wald P ValueWald P Value
(1 df)(1.013–2.117)
    Male versus female.0425
(1 df)(0.270–0.585)
    50–64 years versus ≥65 years<.0001
Marital status1.972
(1 df)(1.603–2.421)
    Married versus unmarried<.0001
Education level0.6580.682
(1 df)(0.450–0.963)(0.477–0.976)
    Less than college versus college or graduate school.0311.0365
(3 df)(0.949–2.167)
    Black versus white.0871
    Hispanic versus white2.315
    Other versus white0.958
Family history of colorectal cancer0.6770.556
(1 df)(0.426–1.075)(0.291–1.062)
    No family history versus family history.0979.0754
Smoking status1.8762.592
(1 df)(1.240–2.840)(1.517–4.430)
    Nonsmoker versus smoker.0029.0005
  • Body mass index, insurance, comorbidity score, number of visits in the last 2 years, and length of time in the practice had a P value of >.10 for both models.

  • * Adjusted for use of an electronic medical record, intervention status, year of the study, and variables as shown in the table.

  • Multivariate models created using backward stepwise regression with an exit α level of 0.10.

  • —, eliminated from multivariate model using backward stepwise regression; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.