Table 4. Evidence Supporting Associations between Clinical Conditions and Elicited Subjective Night Sweats
Clinical DisorderNComparative DataProportion with Night Sweats (if Comparison Group) or Proportion in Whom Night Sweats Resolved with Treatment
AutoimmunePOEMS syndrome1NoDisorder treated, night sweats resolved59
Rheumatoid arthritis1NoDisorder treated, night sweats resolved60
Giant cell arteritis1NoDisorder treated, night sweats resolved61
CardiovascularAortic dissection, chronic1NoDisorder treated, night sweats resolved62
Nocturnal/Prinzmetal angina1NoDisorder treated, night sweats persisted63
EndocrineDiabetes insipidus1NoDisorder treated/night sweats resolved64
Hyperthyroidism1NoDisorder treated, night sweats resolved65
GIGERD12NoDisorder treated, night sweats resolved (100%)57
Infectious diseaseHIV
    P24 Ag+, HIV−3816Yes5/58 (9%)
    P24 Ag−, HIV−38/3758 (1%)66
    HIV-negative328Yes20/328 (6%) night sweats
    Acute HIV+59/328 (18%)
    Chronic HIV+39/328 (12%)67
    HIV seroconverters110Yes18/22 (82%) night sweats
    Nonseroconverters6/88 (7%)68
    IV drug users, HIV+223Yes33/124 (27%) night sweats
    IV drug users, HIV−13/99 (13%)69
    Hodgkin disease, HIV+16Yes2/5 (40%) night sweats
    Hodgkin disease, HIV−3/11 (27%)70
    HIV+ with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy88Yes12/38 (32%) night sweats
    HIV+ with lymphoma7/50 (14%)71
    TB patients, HIV+158Yes24/48 (50%)
    TB patients, HIV−11/31 (35%)72
    HIV patients, TB+899Yes15/44 (34%) night sweats
108/855 (14%)73
    HIV patients, TB−31No27/31 (87%) 4.8 episodes per week pretreatment; 1.6 episodes/week posttreatment74
    HIV+, MAC25No21/25 (84%) had night sweats pretreatment;
post treatment one of 25 (4%) had night sweats75
24No18/24 (75%) had night sweats pretreatment;
posttreatment 6/24 (25%) had night sweats76
187No67/187 (36%) had night sweats pretreatment;
posttreatment 40% had fewer night sweats when treated with 4 drugs;
1748Yes70% had fewer when treated with 3 drugs77
    HIV+, TB+88/267 (33%) had HIV+ with TB+
    HIV+, TB−191/1471 (13%) had HIV+ without TB
    HIV+, TB+128/267 (48%) had night sweats past 24 hours
    HIV+, TB−368/1471 (25%)78 had night sweats past month
Viral URI/Mononucleosis356YesCohort matched on age, sex, date of diagnosis; night sweats more common in mononucleosis (P = .000001)79
    Hospitalized patients awaiting TB diagnosis (44 were TB-positive)101YesNo significant difference in rate of night sweats between those with TB and those without TB80
    Hospitalized patients in isolation awaiting diagnosis563Yes26/47 (55%) of TB patients reported night sweats; 141/516 (27%) of non-TB patients reported night sweats52,81
    Emergency department patients with sputum tested for TB145Yes13/28 (46%) with positive sputum reported night sweats; 29/113 (26%) with negative sputum reported night sweats51
    Hospitalized patients awaiting TB diagnosis101Yes44/100 were TB-positive; no association between reported night sweats and TB positivity80
Cysticercosis (Coenurus)1NoCase history; night sweats and lymphoma-like symptoms ceased with excision of larval cysts82
Sertraline1NoCase history; night sweats resolved with discontinuation of sertraline suggest night sweats may be sign of “serotonin syndrome”83
Venlafaxine1Case history; night sweats resolved when drug was discontinued84
Efavirenz1NoCase history; night sweats resolved with discontinuation of drug85
Neoplastic and hematologicHemangioma, hepatic1NoNight sweats resolved when hemangioma removed86
Lymphoma85No4/14 (29%) with EBV Hodgkin disease had night sweats; in 75%, night sweats improved after treatment of disease87
Lymphadenopathy258Yes14/85 (17%) patients with TB had night sweats
24/98 (25%) patients with lymphoma had night sweats
5/17 (29%) patients with metastatic cancer had night sweats
0/6 (0%) of patients with sarcoidosis had night sweats
5.36 (14%) of patients with nonspecific reactive hyperplasia had night sweats88
Myelofibrosis24No21/24 (88%) night sweats improved >50% with JAK1 and JAK2 inhibitor treatment89
Prostate cancer, inflammatory1NoCase study; treated, night sweats resolved90
    HIV+ and depressed62Yes16/28 (57%) had night sweats
    HIV+ and not depressed7/34 (21%)91
Night terrors1NoCase study, night sweats resolved with treatment for posttraumatic syndrome92
Panic disorder175No26/175 (15%) of attacks occurred at night;
Sleep disturbance46/175 (26%) associated with sweating93
    Obstructive sleep apnea
    Snoring/daytime sleepiness4680Yes14/202 (14%) with snoring/sleepiness;
    No snoring/sleepiness179/4478 (4%) with no snoring/sleepiness58
    Apnea–hypopnea index ≥15282YesSubjective night sweats in 28/114 (25%)
    Apnea–hypopnea index <15Subjective night sweats in 50/167 (30%)38
  • GI, gastrointestinal; GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease; IV, intravenous; TB, tuberculosis; URI, upper respiratory infection; EBV, Epstein-Barr virus; MAC, Mycobacterium avium complex.