Table 2.

Comparison of Allopathic and International Medical School Graduate Self-Reported Competence

Statistically Significantly More Allopathic Than International Graduates Self-Report Competence to PerformStatistically Significantly More International Than Allopathic Graduates Self-Report Competence to Perform
Ambulatory proceduresAmbulatory procedures
    Perform a fluorescein eye exam    Interpret peripheral blood smear using microscopy
    Perform an excisional skin biopsyInpatient procedures
    Perform wet mount/KOH study    Place a central line
    Repair a simple laceration    Place anterior packing for epistaxis
    Perform a pap smear    Perform an arterial blood gas
    Perform a throat culture    Place a nasogastric tube
Maternity care procedures
    Repair a second degree perineal laceration
    Assess fetal station on cervical examination
    Assess cervical effacement
    Determine fetal position by Leopold maneuver
  • KOH, potassium hydroxide.